Friday, August 14, 2009

Dinner in Kyoto(京都で夕食)

On Wednesday, August 12, I traveled to Kyoto for a dinner appointment with three of Hotel Granvia Kyoto's finest. After meeting inside of the hotel, we headed out to have some cocktails with some Maiko (the girl in the picture goes by the name of Tomoyuki) before moving to have some Korean food in the outside terrace at a restaurant along side the most famous and picturesque river in Kyoto, the Kamo River. Great company, great food, and great atmosphere. You really cannot ask for much more for a mild summer night in Kyoto.



  1. I have to make up you more beautiful than TOMOYUKI in October!!
    Big Projectだわ・・・。

  2. お願いします〜

  3. Good to see you're working hard and playing hard too! Great luck with everything!

  4. I cannot believe you got to meet Tomoyuki-san! I'm so jealous! She's a very beautiful maiko.