Tuesday, August 3, 2010

2010 Thai Festival              タイ フェスティバル 2010

Located just a few minutes from the Hyatt Regency Osaka, I stopped by the 2010 Thai Festival at ATC after recuperating from my annual summer BBQ the night before.  As this was my first time visiting the Thai Festival, I came away quite impressed.  In its 8th year in Osaka, the two day festival averages around 40,000 people per day with more than 20 Thai restaurant vendors coming from around the country to promote their cuisine and products.

With support from the Royal Thai Consulate-General Osaka and other corporate sponsors, some well-known Thai performers showcased their singing, dancing, and boxing abilities on stage to entertain the guests who were also sampling many of the Thai delicacies that were being offered.

As the next Thai Festival, which is held at different locations throughout the year, is scheduled for Nagoya on September 4th and 5th, I highly recommend those of you visiting or living in the area to check out this fun-filled event.

前夜のサマーバーベキューからの疲れも回復したので、土曜日はハイアット リージェンシー 大阪から数分のところに位置するATCで行われたタイ フェスティバル 2010に行ってきました。今回初めて参加したのですが、とても興味深いイベントでした。8年目を迎えるこのイベントには、1日におよそ4万人もの人が訪れるそうで(イベントは2日間)、各地から20店以上のタイレストランが集まり料理や商品を紹介しています。

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