Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Midosuji Gourmet Festival: The Countdown Has Begun!「御堂筋ぐるめフェス」のカウントダウンがスタート!!

In less than 10 days, the inaugural Midosuji Gourmet Festival that JD CREATIONS is producing will have breathed its first breaths of life.  This is without a doubt the largest scale event that my company and I have undertaken in our short history.  In the limited time that we have had to put this event together (10 weeks), we have come a long way.  With an elite organizing committee and strong supporting cast, this event will be something special and hopefully something to build on for future years, ideally as an annual event in Osaka.

With Osaka's own Midosuji Kappo (formerly the Midosuji Parade) event being held adjacent to the Midosuji Gourmet Festival on Sunday, October 10, the epicenter of the city will come to life like it has never before.  Last year alone, over 400,000 people attended the Midosuji Kappo event, which lasts only four hours.  With the Midosuji Gourmet Festival held in conjunction with the Kappo event, who knows how many people will come for the festivities this year!  One thing for sure is that after the Kappo event finishes, the Midosuji Gourmet Festival will still be going on with delicious food, beverages, and stage performances galore until late in the night! 

If you will be in town during October 8th thru 10th, make an effort to get Nakanoshima Park located right next to city hall in Yodoyabashi.  It would be a pleasure to have you at this inaugural event! 



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