Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Kyoto: East Meets West 京都で楽しむ東洋と西洋

To experience the beauty of Kyoto in the fall, I paid a visit to the Mirei Shigemori Garden Museum located close to Kyoto University.  The museum, which is a traditional town house from 1789, was designed by the great 20th century Japanese garden architect Mirei Shigemori.

The tranquil atmosphere encompassing the museum was very refreshing as I was able to escape the hustle and bustle of the city for a short time.  As the museum can be visited by appointment only, be sure to contact the museum for viewing availability.

Following my time spent at the museum, I dropped by Falafel Garden - the Israel cafe & restaurant - located 80 meters east of Demachiyanagi Station for tasty lunch before heading back to Osaka for the day.  With an at-home atmosphere that can't be beat, I highly recommend anyone passing through the Demachiyanagi Station area to make an effort to visit Falafel Garden.  With a new property just opened in Nara, I expect its second property to be just as popular as its first.

庭園見学の後、Falafel Garden(ファラフェルガーデン)へ足を運びました。出町柳駅から80メートル東にあるこのイスラエルカフェ・レストランは、大阪へ帰る前においしいランチをいただくのに最適です。家庭的な暖かさに満ちた空間はとても心地よく、出町柳駅に立ち寄ることがあれば、ぜひ行かれることをおすすめします。別店舗が奈良にもオープンしたばかりで、こちらも京都店に負けない人気のお店になるのではないでしょうか。

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