Monday, January 17, 2011

CNN Business Traveller - Osaka Edition   CNNビジネストラベラー大阪版

What's business like for a foreigner in Osaka?  How can a business traveller survive in the city on a budget of less than $200 per day?

In the highly recommended videos featured above, CNN's own Richard Quest finds out the answers to the these questions and more during his 2009 visit to Osaka for CNN Business Traveller.  

In the first video at the 4:15 mark, two very good friends of mine, Garr Reynolds and Paul Dupuis, sit down to have lunch with Richard and explain proper business protocol and customs.

In the second video clip, Richard speaks with the former mayor of Osaka, Mayor Seki, regarding what city government sponsored incentives are in place to attract more foreign businesses to the region.  

Following his meeting with the mayor, Richard sat down to chat with Joshua Flannery (another business colleague of mine), who was a direct recipient of said incentives made available by the city, to hear first-hand how the city's support assisted him when he was setting up his operations.

I am not denying that Osaka, and most of Japan for that matter, is expensive.  If you are not careful, daily expenses will grow exponentially.  However Richard's piece illustrating how one can move around the city on a tight budget shows that anything is possible.  What it comes down to is having access to the right information.     







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