Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Osaka Mayor's Foreign Business Networking Club (FBNC)

As it is stated in the picture, I attended the Osaka Mayor's Foreign Business Networking Club (FBNC) on the Captain Line boat for an excursion to Yumeshima, Tsuruhama, and Hirabayashi in Osaka bay on September 2. After receiving opening remarks from Mayor Hiramatsu and a presentation on what development is in store for the bay of Osaka in the upcoming years, participants networked with each other on the upper deck of the boat while being surrounded by the picturesque shoreline.

ご覧の写真にありますように、92日はキャプテンラインボートで大阪湾の夢州、咲州、平林の周遊旅行というForeign Business Networking Club (FBNC) に参加してきました。平松市長の開会の辞と大阪湾の近未来的な開発計画についてのプレゼンテーションのあと、絵のように美しい海岸線に囲まれながら上のデッキに出て、参加者による名刺交換が行なわれました。

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