Saturday, December 26, 2009

Ninjas in Kyoto 京都で忍者

At the request of the Hotel Granvia Kyoto for their overseas advertising campaign, some friends and I took part in a photo shoot at various locations in Kyoto as ninjas, maiko, miko, etc. on Sunday, December 20. To kick things off, we started our journey at Toei Kyoto Studio Park, formerly known as the Hollywood of Japan, with its scenic backdrops and sets. Even though it was my second time at the park, I was surprised to see many guests dressed up in "cosplay" (costume play). As we were dressed up as well, we fit right in!

After spending a good amount of time having our picture taken at Toei Kyoto Studio Park, we changed venues and headed towards one of the main shopping arcades in Kyoto at Shinkyogoku to mingle with the natives. After all was said and done, it was definitely a fun way to spend a pleasant winter day in Kyoto.

1220日(日)にホテルグランヴィア京都さんのご要望にお応えして、海外観光客向けの広告を作成するために、私は友人何人かと共に京都のいたるところで、忍者舞妓さん、巫女さんなどのコスプレモデルをしてまいりました。舞台背景やセットで日本のハリウッドと云われる東映太秦映画村を皮切りに新京極商店街など京都のいたるところで撮影が行なわれました。東映太秦映画村は私にとって2回目でしたが、「コスプレ」(コスチューム プレイ)をしている入場者は半端な数ではありませんでした。やはりみんな行く人はノリノリでしたね!


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