Wednesday, June 9, 2010

JAIRA Horse Riding Club Party        JAIRA乗馬クラブのパーティー

On June 6, I hosted a party at the Kobe Marine Air JAIRA Horse Riding Club located close to the Kobe Airport on Port Island. After all was said and done, over 120 people came out to experience a perfect spring evening with one of nature's most elegant creatures. With wine provided by Estate Wines and food provided by Tooth Tooth, both of which are Kobe-based, attendees were able to enjoy Kobe like no other.

In addition to the fine wine and food, Shobun Setsu was on hand to exhibit his skill in calligraphy with many guests taking home a nice souvenir. However, the evening's main event belonged to the 20 or so horses housed on JAIRA's grounds with participants having the chance to get up and close with the magnificent animals; plus seeing JAIRA's own instructors perform a few equestrian jumps for the crowd in JAIRA's new state-of-the-art facility.

As the horse riding club just opened last year, it is truly a sight to see. With ponies also housed at the club, I suggest anyone visiting Kobe or living in the area to check out the Kobe Marine Air JAIRA Horse Riding Club.


おいしいワインと料理に加え、書働家の 翔文(Setsu Shobunさんによる色紙やポストカードへの書でのメッセージ書きが行われ、多くの参加者が列を作り、彼の書を求め、またとない手土産としてそれを家に持ち帰りました。しかしながら、日曜日のメインイベントはJAIRAに属する20頭ばかりの馬であることを語らなければなりません。なんとJAIRAのグラウンドで、参加者がこのすばらしい動物、接近したりできるというチャンスがあったのです。さらに、JAIRAに所属する指導者によって、観客にむけて、JAIRAの最先端の施設内で、少しではありましたが、馬術のうちのひとつであるジャンプの披露がありました。



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