Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Visit to METI-Kansai 近畿経済産業局訪問

On September 7, I paid a visit to the Kansai Bureau of Economy, Trade, and Industry, otherwise known as METI-Kansai, to engage in talks surrounding the October delegate visit from Georgia. Similar to my visit to the Kansai Economic Federation the week before, my contact at METI-Kansai had been transferred to a different department in the Spring; therefore, I had to introduce myself to the newly positioned staff at the International Investment Promotion Division.

During our brief meeting, METI-Kansai introduced and highlighted the newly published Kansai Technical Visit Guide as a tool to give the Georgia delegation a glimpse of the industrial landscape of the region.

97日、近畿経済産業局、別名、METI-Kansaiを訪問し、10 月のジョージア州からの代表派遣団訪問についての会議に参加しました。先週の関西経済連合会の訪問のときと同様、担当部署が春に他部署に変更になったため、通商部の新任者に自己紹介をする必要がありました。


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