Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Warring States Period Novelty Store       戦国時代グッズ専門店

Yesterday on my way returning from business in Tokyo, I stopped by Kyoto to meet with the mastermind of the Sengoku Dama brand, Tomohiro Suzuki, at his Kyoto Store located in close proximity to Nijo Castle. After having started the business in 2005, the Sengoku Dama brand, which features many items with references to the Sengoku "Warring States" period, has become a hit not only among Japanese but non-Japanese as well that has seen Suzuki-san tie-up with the likes of JR and NTT DoCoMo's i-mode to promote his brand.

With his headquarters based in the southern part of Kyoto Prefecture, Suzuki-san has two novelty stores to date with one in the heart of Kyoto City and the other in Daikanyama, which is a famous location in Tokyo. In my discussion with Suzuki-san, I learned that he is eyeing an overseas location like the U.S. for expanding his business in a year or two. With the vision clearly defined for the Sengoku Dama brand, I am confident that there are opportunities for us to work together in the not so distant future.



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