Friday, April 16, 2010

Heian Shrine 2010 Spring Concert        平安神宮 紅しだれコンサート2010

On April 11, I attended the Heian Shrine Spring Concert in the evening for the first time.  Even though rain was lightly falling, the shrine, which is located in Kyoto, was overflowing with people taking pictures such as the ones above of the cherry blossom "sakura" trees and the surrounding landscape.

As the cherry blossoms only are in bloom for about two weeks out of the entire year, Kyoto, especially on the weekends during this season, is a mad house with people coming from all over the country to enjoy the world and national heritage sites encompassed by cherry blossoms.

Whether viewing the cherry blossoms during the day or at night, they are such a beautiful sight to see.  If only they could be in bloom all year round.

411日夜、「平安神宮 紅しだれコンサート2010」に初めて参加してまいりました。雨がぱらついていましたが、京都にある平安神宮はこの上なく素晴らしい桜の木や周囲の風景をカメラに収める人々であふれかえっていました。



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