Monday, February 22, 2010

Instant Ramen Museum            インスタントラーメン発明記念館

Yesterday I had the opportunity to finally pay a visit to the Instant Ramen Museum located next to Osaka in Ikeda City. Definitely an experience and fun for all ages, one starts out by designing his/her own noodle cup with markers prior to heading over to the Noodle Factory to pick out one's choice of soup flavor and ingredients (see pictures above). After making all the necessary decisions, the staff package the cup noodle right in front of your very own eyes and the final product is presented to you just like one would find it at a supermarket.

After designing and making our own cup noodle variation, I moved up to the second floor of the museum to take part in making chicken ramen from scratch. First I was given an apron and bandana and asked to start designing the package design that the finished chicken ramen product would be put in. After that task was completed, I began to make and cut the dough (see picture above) before having the staff complete the final steps, which made my masterpiece a finished product. After all was said and done, the entire process took less than an hour. Again, another fun activity and highly recommended. Just remember that one needs to make a reservation in advance if wanting to take part in making your own chicken ramen.



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