Thursday, February 11, 2010

Kimono Gallery in Kyoto           京都の着物ギャラリー

With yesterday being a national holiday in Japan, I paid a visit to a good friend of mine, Shigeyuki Kobayashi, whose family has been in the kimono business for five generations. Having never been to Shige's gallery before, I did not know what to expect but sensed that I would be in for an experience and I must say that he did not disappoint.

Located in his own five-story building on the second floor, the Zen Kimono Gallery and Atelier definitely carries an ambience of its own. With beautifully crafted one-of-a-kind kimonos and original accessories displayed throughout the store, I felt like being in an art museum rather than a shop. With women's kimonos priced around 1.8 million yen ($20,000) a piece, I realized that Shige's clientele was not the average consumer.

Definitely worthy of a visit, I highly advise any one visiting or living in Kyoto to pay a visit to the Zen Kimono Gallery and Atelier. Just remember that visitors must make reservations in advance.

For more about the Zen Kimono Gallery and Atelier (although in Japanese), please click here.


シゲのギャラリーは5階立て自社ビルの2階に位置し、「着物ギャラリー&アトリエ 善」は確実に独特の雰囲気をかもしています。美しく、精巧に作られた特殊な着物や自社製品の和装小物が店内を埋め尽くしており, 店の中にいるというよりは、美術館にいるような感じがしていました。「善」の女性用着物は一枚180万円くらいで、シゲの顧客が平均所得者ではないことがわかりました。

尋ねてみる価値は絶対にあるので、京都の観光客や在住者に「着物ギャラリー&アトリエ 善」の訪問を強くお勧めします。行かれるかたは事前予約を忘れないでくださいね。

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