Saturday, February 27, 2010

Oriental Hotel Opening Reception         オリエンタルホテル オープニングレセプション

Last night I had the privilege to attend the opening reception of the newest hotel in Kobe, the Oriental Hotel. With the hotel open to the general public from March 5, I was able to get a "sneak peak"and experience all the hotel had to offer. Located right in the heart of Kobe, less than 10 minutes walking from Sannomiya Station, the Oriental Hotel's interior reminds me of Southeast Asia with its color hues, various plants, and furniture. The one aspect that sets this hotel apart from the other hotels in the area is the fact that the check-in desk is located on the 17th floor, which is the top floor of the hotel. With picturesque views of both the mountains and ocean, after one checks in, he or she can enjoy one of the four restaurants that are also located on the top floor in the lap of luxury.

In Kobe, the Oriental Hotel is marketing itself as the top draw for ambience and service. With the ever increasing competitive nature of the hotel industry, the Ritz-Carlton and the Hilton Hotel, both located in Osaka, are said to be the Oriental Hotel's competitors. For those residing or planning to visit Kobe, I highly recommend stopping by the Oriental Hotel. You will not regret it.




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