Wednesday, June 9, 2010

JAIRA Horse Riding Club Party        JAIRA乗馬クラブのパーティー

On June 6, I hosted a party at the Kobe Marine Air JAIRA Horse Riding Club located close to the Kobe Airport on Port Island. After all was said and done, over 120 people came out to experience a perfect spring evening with one of nature's most elegant creatures. With wine provided by Estate Wines and food provided by Tooth Tooth, both of which are Kobe-based, attendees were able to enjoy Kobe like no other.

In addition to the fine wine and food, Shobun Setsu was on hand to exhibit his skill in calligraphy with many guests taking home a nice souvenir. However, the evening's main event belonged to the 20 or so horses housed on JAIRA's grounds with participants having the chance to get up and close with the magnificent animals; plus seeing JAIRA's own instructors perform a few equestrian jumps for the crowd in JAIRA's new state-of-the-art facility.

As the horse riding club just opened last year, it is truly a sight to see. With ponies also housed at the club, I suggest anyone visiting Kobe or living in the area to check out the Kobe Marine Air JAIRA Horse Riding Club.


おいしいワインと料理に加え、書働家の 翔文(Setsu Shobunさんによる色紙やポストカードへの書でのメッセージ書きが行われ、多くの参加者が列を作り、彼の書を求め、またとない手土産としてそれを家に持ち帰りました。しかしながら、日曜日のメインイベントはJAIRAに属する20頭ばかりの馬であることを語らなければなりません。なんとJAIRAのグラウンドで、参加者がこのすばらしい動物、接近したりできるというチャンスがあったのです。さらに、JAIRAに所属する指導者によって、観客にむけて、JAIRAの最先端の施設内で、少しではありましたが、馬術のうちのひとつであるジャンプの披露がありました。



Friday, June 4, 2010

Franchise Business Juggernaut         巨大フランチャイズチェーン

Following the "One Night Oldies Night", I produced the appreciation awards banquet for the Wakayama Prefecture-based franchise business juggernaut It's Corporation the next day on Wednesday. While It's Corporation may not be well-known, its main businesses are which include American-based Baskin Robbins ice cream and the used fishing goods store Tackleberry. It's Corporation is one of the top Baskin Robbins franchise business owners in the country with over 20 stores, mainly in the Kansai area, in its business portfolio. 

To recognize the company's finest, over 40 of It's Corporation's staff attended the awards banquet at the Garden City Club Osaka (GCCO) located next to the Ritz-Carlton Osaka. To add ambience to the occasion, a mix of classical and pop sounds were provided by pianist Katsura Kojima.

JD クリエーションズは"ワンナイト オールディーズ"に続き、それから一夜明けた水曜日には和歌山県に拠点を置くフランチャイズビジネス大手のイッツ・コーポレーションの表彰式をプロデュースしました。イッツ・コーポレーションの認知度は低いのですが、同社の主な業務として、米国に拠点を置く「B-Rサーティワンアイスクリーム株式会社」と中古の釣具チェーン「株式会社タックルベリー」を幅広く展開しています。イッツ・コーポレーションは、同社の事業ポートフォリオによると、国内、主に関西エリアで20店舗以上を展開し、バスキンロビンスフランチャイズチェーンのオーナーのなかでトップを飾る会社のひとつである。


Thursday, June 3, 2010

Dancing to the Oldies             オールディーズでダンス

At the request of Yomiuri Family, part of the Yomiuri group, on Tuesday JD CREATIONS produced its first ever "One Night Oldies" event held at the Ramada Osaka, conveniently located one station north of JR Osaka Station.

With over 100 guests in attendance, the ballroom turned into a dance club with attendees dancing the night away to famous tunes from the 50s, 60s, and 70s such as Hotel California by the Eagles, Diana by Paul Anka, and Pretty Woman by Roy Orbison, etc. performed by Kobe's own Flashback.

For a little information on Flashback, its members consist of Brent from Canada on electric guitar and vocals, Mike from the U.S.A. on acoustic guitar and vocals, Bruce from the U.S.A. on drums and vocals, and James from England on bass.

After the almost two hour performance, the guests enjoyed themselves so much that calls of "encore" resonated throughout the room to entice the band to play a few more numbers. Flashback did not disappoint sending everyone home with smiles are their faces.

A special thanks goes out to Yomiuri Family for providing the pictures.

読売グループの一社である読売ファミリーのリクエストで、一昨日、JD クリエーションズは、JR大阪駅から一駅北側にあるラマダホテル大阪で開催された未だかつてないイベント、「ワンナイト オールディーズ」をプロデュースしました。






Wednesday, June 2, 2010

VIP Banquet Night @ ANA Crowne Plaza Osaka ANAクラウンプラザホテル大阪にてVIPバンケットナイト

On Monday I received an invitation to attend the VIP Banquet Night at the ANA Crowne Plaza Osaka located within walking distance from JR Osaka Station.  In total there were about 100 people in attendance ranging from foreign diplomats to representatives of the service and hospitality industry.  The hotel staff did a great job of preparing a variety of food mixed with the live music to accompany the fashionably decorated ballroom on the third floor of the hotel.

Since the hotel changed its name in October 2008 and brought in a foreign general manager, the hotel is changing its vision and is looking to capture more of the international market in Osaka.   I can say that the hotel is moving in the right direction with some recent multilingual speaking Japanese and non-Japanese hires in the past few months.

For those of you looking for another accommodation option close to the center of Osaka, please consider the ANA Crowne Plaza Osaka.  

月曜日、私はJR大阪駅から徒歩圏内にあるANAクラウンプラザホテル大阪で開催された「VIP バンケットナイト」に招待され、出席して参りました。外交官からサービス業や接客業の代表者に至るまで出席者は全体で約100人を数えました。ホテルの従業員は、ホテルの3階にあるお洒落にしつらえたボールルームで生演奏の披露を交え、種々の食べ物を用意してくれるなど大変骨を折ってくださいました。