Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Cycling Around Kyoto             サイクリングで京都めぐり

Yesterday I had my first experience bicycling around Kyoto via the bicycle rental service provided by Carillon. For only 500 yen, possibly the least expensive for renting a bicycle in town, my client and I visited several of the famous spots in Kyoto starting with Shimogamo Shrine, Kinkaku-ji (The Golden Pavilion Temple), and the Kyoto Imperial Palace. Without a doubt the most convenient and inexpensive way to see the city, I definitely recommend everyone else to try Carillon or a host of other bicycle rental places in the city to get the most out of Kyoto.


Monday, September 28, 2009

Osaka Duck Tour 大阪ダックツアー

Today with a guest visiting from the U.S., I experienced the only amphibious bus tour in Osaka, the Osaka Duck Tour. The 100 minute bus/boat tour was definitely an interesting way to see some of the city sights, and all for only 3,600 yen. As this tour has been around for a few years now, my only suggestion is that the management (Nihon Suiriku Kanko) increases the number of routes that one can take on the amphibious bus to allow riders the chance to see different parts of the city.


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Osaka Audio Guide 大阪オーディオガイド

If you are planning to visit Osaka and want to check out the city before you come, I highly recommend viewing and listening to the Osaka Audio Guide done nicely by the Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau. With Korean & Chinese versions as well, Osaka is definitely moving in the right direction towards promoting the city outside of the Land of the Rising Sun.


Friday, September 11, 2009

Cable TV Debut ケーブルテレビデビュー

I was able to get my hands on the footage of my interview (conducted in Japanese) taken last week at the conclusion of the Osaka Bay cruise by K-CAT Cable TV. To sum up what I said for those of you who do not understand Japanese, I gave my opinion about the tour in addition to explaining the importance of everyone (including me) needing to work together towards making Osaka an attractive place for foreign investors to consider when investing overseas.


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Visit to METI-Kansai 近畿経済産業局訪問

On September 7, I paid a visit to the Kansai Bureau of Economy, Trade, and Industry, otherwise known as METI-Kansai, to engage in talks surrounding the October delegate visit from Georgia. Similar to my visit to the Kansai Economic Federation the week before, my contact at METI-Kansai had been transferred to a different department in the Spring; therefore, I had to introduce myself to the newly positioned staff at the International Investment Promotion Division.

During our brief meeting, METI-Kansai introduced and highlighted the newly published Kansai Technical Visit Guide as a tool to give the Georgia delegation a glimpse of the industrial landscape of the region.

97日、近畿経済産業局、別名、METI-Kansaiを訪問し、10 月のジョージア州からの代表派遣団訪問についての会議に参加しました。先週の関西経済連合会の訪問のときと同様、担当部署が春に他部署に変更になったため、通商部の新任者に自己紹介をする必要がありました。


Saturday, September 5, 2009

Visit to Kansai Economic Federation       関西経済連合会(関経連)訪問

Yesterday, in preparation for receiving the delegation from Georgia in October, I paid my first visit to the Kansai Economic Federation that houses its office in the Nakanoshima Center Building. As my former contact in the organization switched departments earlier this year, I stopped by to meet the new person in charge and to also brief the organization on the Georgia delegation.

For those of you not familiar with the Kansai Economic Federation, it was established in 1946 as a private non-profit organization and is currently made up of 800 major corporations and organizations actively operating in the Kansai region.



Thursday, September 3, 2009

Osaka Bay Cruise 大阪ベイクルーズ

Yesterday I attended the Foreign Business Networking Club's cruise around Osaka Bay with about another 40 executives and diplomats from the Kansai region. Taking the Captain Line boat from the Universal City Port, which is located next to Universal Studios Japan (USJ), we enjoyed a 90 minute cruise around some of the up-and-coming industrial areas of Osaka on a magnificent day. With opening remarks made by the Mayor of Osaka, Kunio Hiramatsu (in the middle of the first picture), I was kept informed of future developments to the port area of Osaka. After we arrived back at the Universal City Port, I was interviewed on camera by K-CAT Cable TV. Unfortunately, I don't have any footage on me at the moment; however if I can get my hands on some, I will upload it here.

昨日、関西在住の40人の企業の重役や外交官とともにForeign Business Networking Clubクルーズに参加していました。ユニバーサル・スタジオ・ジャパンUSJ)に隣接しているユニバーサルポートからキャプテンラインボートに乗り、大阪の有望株であるいくつかの地域まわりを見学しながら90分クルーズを満喫し、すばらしい日となりました。平松邦夫大阪市長(一番上の写真の中央)の開会宣言によって始まり、大阪の湾岸エリアについてのプレゼンテーションを聞くことができました。ユニバーサルシティーポートに帰港した際、関西電力、京阪電気鉄道系のケーブルテレビ局であるケイ・キャット ケーブルテレビ(K-CATにカメラインタビューを受けました。残念ながら、そのときの画像がまったく手元にないのですが、実物を手にいれたら、ブログにアップしますのでチェックしてくださいね。