Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving & Christmas Party @ the Ritz-Carlton Osaka

On November 24, I teamed up with Shamayim Rose Gallery, located in the upscale area of Ashiya and the decorator of the Rose Christmas Tree in the lobby of the Ritz-Carlton Osaka, for a very intimate Thanksgiving & Christmas Party at the 36th floor presidential suite of the hotel. The night's festivities kicked off with the Director of the Western Japan office for Wall Street Associates and Kansai Representative for HOPE International Development Agency Japan, Paul Dupuis, speaking about the origin and meaning of Thanksgiving in addition to a brief explanation about HOPE and its charitable work.

While guests enjoyed the sumptuous feast prepared by the chefs at the Ritz-Carlton Osaka, a solo violinist and piano/vocal duo put on a performance like none other. To conclude the event, a prize raffle drawing was held to cap off a memorable evening.

一昨日はザ・リッツ・カールトン大阪の一番広い客室である36階のプレジデンシャルスイートで、芦屋にあり、リッツカールトン大阪のロビーを1200個のプリザーブドローズで彩るという世界的にも珍しい豪華なクリスマスツリーを手がけたシャマイム・ローズギャラリーさんとコラボして、Thanksgiving & Christmas Partyを開催致しました。ウォールストリートアソシエイツ並びにホープインターナショナル開発機構の西日本代表であるポールデュプイ氏をお招きし、開会の辞を述べていただき、その後、ホープインターナショナル開発機構とその慈善活動について触れられ、「Thanksgiving」の由来と意味についても講演していただきました。



Saturday, November 14, 2009

Wakayama Marina City 和歌山マリーナシティー

Yesterday I met with the general manager and two associates of the Wakayama Marina City Royal Pines Hotel in Osaka to discuss about how to effectively promote the resort facility to the international community in Kansai. Located only 90 minutes from the heart of Osaka, the Wakayama Marina City Royal Pines Hotel is the perfect weekend getaway with the Porto Europa amusement park, Kuroshio Ichiba (marketplace), and the Kuroshio Onsen (Japanese hot springs) in close proximity.

昨日、大阪で、和歌山マリーナシティロイヤルパインズホテルの総支配人と2人のスタッフとともに打ち合わせをしました。打ち合わせの内容を簡単に申し上げると、「関西在住の外国人をターゲットとする、このリゾートホテルの有効的PRについて」でした。 ホテルには、ポルトヨーロッパというテーマパーク、黒潮市場、そしてスパ・リゾート黒潮温泉が隣接していて、和歌山沿岸でゆっくり過ごせること間違いなしです。大阪の中心部からわずか90分という近さなので、機会がありましたら是非、週末に最高の保養地、「和歌山マリーナシティロイヤルパインズホテル」に出向かれることをお勧めします。

Friday, November 6, 2009

Hewlett-Packard Asia Pacific Partner Conference 2009

Following Beijing in 2007, Osaka was selected as the location for the 2009 Hewlett-Packard Asia Pacific Partner Conference. With over 250 representatives in the computer industry from all over the world in attendance, Osaka was center stage for a week. My role was to assist in supplying entertainment for the dinner shows on November 3 and 4.

To kick things off on November 3 at Taiko-en, the ninja group Kurondo entertained the crowd during cocktail hour in the garden. After everyone took their seats in the main ballroom at Taiko-en, it became WA・RA・KU's time to take center stage for their performance. Midway through dinner, the Yamamoto Noh Theater performed their rendition of Tsuchigumo to illustrate the traditional art of Noh to the audience. For the finale, "The Last Samurai" Joe Okada electrified the crowd with his stage presence that brought the first night's dinner to a close and left people wanting more.

For the gala dinner held at the Swissotel Nankai Osaka on November 4, Japan's renowned taiko drumming band GOCOO got the festivities started by opening the event. Concerning my entertainment for the night, it started and finished with GOCOO, however the main headliner was none other than magician extraordinaire Kevin James. A professional in every sense of the word, who makes Las Vegas home, Kevin's performance was a sight to see and enjoyed by all.

It was an intense two days but definitely a great experience as I played a part in showing not only the best of Osaka but also Japan to a large contingent of foreigners.

2007年に北京に続き、大阪が「2009年 ヒューレット・パッカード アジア 太平洋 パートナーカンファレンス」の開催地に選ばれました。カンファレンスでは世界中からコンピューター産業の代表者の250人以上もの集客があり、11月の3日、4日とディナーショーの余興の手伝いをして参りました。