Friday, December 17, 2010

Osawa Wines Presents: Flying Mouton     大沢ワインズのフライング・ムートン

Born and raised to the east of Kyoto in Shiga Prefecture, Taizo Osawa has made his living in real estate.  However having a passion for wine, Osawa-san, as I call him, fell in love with the Hawke's Bay area in New Zealand in 2005 and decided to launch his own winery soon thereafter.

In five short years, Osawa-san's winery, Osawa Wines, has created three brands of wine (Flying Mouton, Flying Sheep, and Prestige Collection) that can be found in various locations spanning the globe.  With four variations of red, six of white and one rose wine in his lineup, Osawa-san has a wine available for just about any occasion.

Asked why he decided to brand his flagship wines "Flying Mouton", Osawa-san informed me that the current location of the vineyard used to be grazing land for sheep.  In order to develop the vineyard, the sheep needed to be moved to another location.  When this job was carried out, Osawa-san remarked that the scene seemed as if the flock was flying, hence flying mouton.

With plans to increase the amount of wine produced at Osawa Wines in near future, Osawa-san is on a mission to spread his love of high quality tasting New Zealand wine not to only Japan but to the rest of the world.


起業からわずか5年後、「大沢ワインズ」は Flying Mouton(フライング・ムートン)、Flying Sheep(フライング・シープ)、 そしてPrestige Collection(プレステージ・コレクション)の3種類の銘柄を手がけ、世界各国へ販売しています。4種類の赤、6種類の白、1種類のロゼが取り扱われており、様々なシチュエーションに合ったワインを選ぶことができます。
「なんでフライング・ムートンっていうお名前なんですか?」大沢さんにメインの銘柄の由来について聞いてみたところ、こんなお返事が返ってきました。「大沢ワインズのブドウ畑は、もともと牧羊地だったんです。ブドウ畑を作るために、羊さん達には引っ越してもらわないといけませんでした。羊さん達(Mouton)が一斉に引っ越していく姿が、なんだか『飛んで(Flying)』行くようだったので・・」こうして『Flying Mouton(フライング・ムートン)』は誕生しました。


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