Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Rokkosan Pasture & Cheese House       六甲山牧場:人と動物と自然のふれあいの場

One of the most famous mountain ranges in Japan, Mount Rokko makes up the backdrop behind the downtown area of Kobe. With Arima Onsen (hot springs) being the main draw to the area, the Rokkosan Pasture & Cheese House is a nice alternative for those not looking for a soak.  

Located less than an hour away from the center of Kobe, the Rokkosan Pasture is like a mini zoo with ponies, sheep, rabbits and mini pigs roaming around the grounds to interact with visitors.  But the fun does not stop there as you can participate in classes on how to make carmel, butter, cheese, sausage, wool, and pottery for a learning experience like none other.

With dining facilities on site and various animal shows and related events held throughout the year, no matter what season, escaping the hustle and bustle of downtown and heading up to Rokkosan Pasture for some R&R is recommended.  Except for being closed on Tuesdays from the beginning of November to the middle of March, the pasture is open everyday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. for your enjoyment.

お食事どころは施設内に数カ所設置されています。また、色々なアニマルショーも開催されていたりで、イベント各種も1年中行われているようです。都会の喧噪から離れ、六甲山に登ってゆっくりリラックスするのもいいでしょう。季節を選ばないところも利点です。 11月初旬から3月中旬までは、毎週火曜日が定休日となります。牧場の開場時間は9:00〜17:00です。

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